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Stick ‘Em Up! Medical Devices As Weapons

Recently  the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles paid hackers $17,000 in Bitcoin to unlock their systems from so-called “ransomware” – malicious software that locked out hospital administrators from crucial medical records (read the story, here)

It’s not a long walk from hacking into hospital records to hacking into medical devices themselves. Over the past 2-3 years, a number of “white hat” hackers have demonstrated vulnerabilities in networked devices…including pacemakers, infusion pumps, and many more.

Security vulnerabilities may be introduced when software is translated (“localized”) into other languages. For this reason, it is critical to consider state-of-the-art software tools and robust testing as part of your overall localization effort.

TransPerfect Medical Device Solutions can help  – our localization tools are in use with 80% of the world’s large software developers and our dedicated testing facilities in Boulder, CO ensure the most rigorous post-localization scrutiny.

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Renewed Focus on Medical Device Cybersecurity

Dick Cheney famously turned off the wireless connection to his pacemaker for fear that hackers would attack and disable it – the vulnerability of networked medical devices has been the subject of hacker conference presentations for a number of years now. A recent episode of “Homeland” stirred up this concern, and now a report by Europol has industry talking again – this time about “ransomware” attacks. A recent article in FierceMedicalDevices details concerns about hackers’ ability to disable networked devices in order to extort payments. For sure, the networked “internet of things” has its downside.

Testing and validation is one important component of your overall security strategy – that’s why TransPerfect Medical Device Solutions includes software testing services, to help ensure that your device is operating safely AND securely.