Research puts the total cost of content in the medical device industry at over $1 billion annually. That’s almost half of the total estimated Medical Device Tax ($2.3 billion). Research also estimates that as much as 40% of this total ($400 million) is wasted.

There’s no doubt: content is the lifeblood of today’s global medical device manufacturer. Device content flows through product design, into clinical trials, and around regulatory submissions before branching into labeling and marketing and tumbling into dozens of languages to support healthcare in countries around the world. Properly organized and orchestrated, the flow of content is fast,  efficient, cost effective and accurate. Unmanaged, content creates hundreds of millions of dollars in costly workarounds, inefficiencies, and recalls.

EnCompass is the first content solution provider exclusively dedicated to the medical device industry. Built on ISO 14971-certified, patented risk management and advanced content automation technology, and supported by the global resouces of the TransPerfect Family of Companies,  EnCompass solutions help companies reduce content cost and manage content risk.

Blood Makes Noise is the official blog of EnCompass content solutions for medical device makers.

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