The Sweet Taste of XML Success

hersheybarTwo weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Hershey, PA for the Vasont User Group conference (Vasont is headquartered in nearby Emigsville, PA). Part of the conference included a tour through the town of Hershey and a recounting of Milton Hershey’s incredible success story: bankrupt 3 times, his aunt’s house (pledged as loan collateral) on the verge of foreclosure, a junior bank officer personally signed on a last-chance loan to fill an order that enabled Hershey to repay his debts and catapulted him on his way to being one of the wealthiest men in America. Perhaps even more remarkable, he used his great wealth to establish a school for underprivileged boys that continues to this day and is backed by a large portion of Hershey corporation stock – you can watch read/see the story here.

Medical device and life sciences customers who attended the conference presented on the cost and time-savings benefits of XML publishing supported by Vasont. And, although XML systems can be notoriously difficult to implement, a quote from Merk summed up the feeling among attendees: “There are no unhappy Vasont customers”  – this is a statement almost as remarkable as the Hershey success story itself.

If you are contemplating XML publishing as a way to cut documentation cost and time or are struggling through a current XML implementation with another vendor, perhaps it’s time to consider Vasont. With deep experience and strong references in the medical device industry, Vasont can provide you with the sweet taste of XML success.




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