Automated Anesthesiology and Content Lessons for Device Makers

Barak ColonoscopyThe Wall Street Journal just ran a very interesting story on the new Sedasys device from J&J – you can read the article here.

Besides the notable fact that our Crimson Life Sciences division was selected (thanks to a patented risk management processes) to produce the first translated version of Sedasys labeling , this story has important lessons for device companies looking to effectively manage their content. And let’s face it, who isn’t?

The Sedasys system is basically a robotic anesthesiologist for use in low risk colonoscopy procedures (i.e. most of them). The big news here is that, for the majority of colonoscopy procedures, anesthesia costs just encountered a “strategic inflection point” – a 10x change (in this case reduction) in price. First noted by Intel Chairman, Andy Grove, strategic inflection points mean something big just happened. That’s what automating high-cost human processes (in this case, the anesthesiologist) does – it produces significant savings. Though, also in this case, the high cost of the anesthesiologist tips the scale of the effect.

Your translation processes are similar. Though most of your colleagues don’t earn as much as an anesthesiologist, if you can automate labor-intensive human tasks, you can realize some real savings. That’s why EnCompass solutions include GlobalLink translation process automation technology from our division. From project submission and tracking, to web-based, in-context review, to automated xml publishing from our Astoria and Vasont divisions, EnCompass content solutions bring the cost-saving benefits of automation to the translation process.

You might enjoy dealing with translation requirements about as much as, well, a colonoscopy. However, by automating the process with EnCompass technology, you will reduce time, effort, and cost – which should remove some of the sting.

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